Sharing in the Pacific culture

During Week 3 of the School of Reconciliation 2016, we were privileged to experience part of the rich culture of some of the Pacific nations as our guest speaker, Brad Haami from Aotearoa New Zealand prayed a haka of blessing and received in return a beautiful Hawaiian waiata from indigenous Hwaiians.

Graduating from The School of Reconciliation 2016

Graduation! Week 6 marks the completion of the first ever School of Reconciliation and Peacemaking at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii.

In the lead up to graduation, students learned about the role and mandate of the Church and mission.

During graduation, each student shared what the school meant for them, how they were impacted and what plans they were projecting into the future as a result of what they have learned and experienced during the school.

graduation school of reconciliation

‘Panoramic View of the World’ with Dynamic International Speakers

During Week 5 of the School of Reconciliation and Peacemaking we tackled the culture of shame and guilt in Latin America as it relates to reconciliation. The week was led by Braulia Reibero, one of the legends in YWAM.

Tabitha Wang and Jessica Leigh taught on the essentials of reconciliation and peacemaking and gave students a brief panoramic view of North East Asia with a focus on China.

The marks of God in the history of the Nations is truly amazing.

‘Shutting Down Division’ with Brad Haami

Matua Brad Haami has joined us for week three of the School of Reconciliation all the way from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Brad has shared his own ministry of reconciliation with us and it has been powerful. Among the topics highlighted by Brad are shutting down the gateway of division and hostility, opening a new door to usher in King Jesus to Hawaii and God’s heart on a nation’s identity and diversity. Incredible.

“This week I have been encouraged to pray for our identity in Ohio, U.S. to be ‘One New Man’ in the Church. Our Native Miami, Shawnee, Mound & Cherokee have not been re-established in the Church. We have many from Judah, but their voice is still too faint. However, I now feel encouraged that God will make all things possible to us who believe! We need to be the catalyst for Our Father’s plan!” – Michael Niehaus, full time missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

‘The Character of God’ with Derek Schoenhoff

This week in the School of Reconciliation, international leader Derek Schoenhoff teaches on the character of God as the foundation for reconciliation and expands on his teaching with the Biblical steps for effective reconciliation.

reconciliation week 2

“This has been a wonderful week. I am just enjoying it all. It is good to see how many lies I previously believed are falling down and how life is coming from God’s word. It has to continue with the next School of Reconciliation. Come and do it! I love it.” – Yeison Alfonso, Director of Cuerdas de Salvacion from Palenque, Colombia

Reconciliation Seminar, Kona, Hawaii, April 2016

For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him,and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross
Colossians 1:19-20

The purpose of this course is to contribute to empowering and aligning the mind-sets of Christians, Christian workers and ministry leaders by equipping and empowering them with the Biblical understanding of reconciliation. This includes learning about the heart of God for the diversity of His people and nations, the work of Christ on the cross for all people, without exceptions, and will seek to address any present distortions.

It will aim also to discern how to correct and heal historic and present wounds that have tainted the view people have of God, Jesus Christ and His glorious Gospel, hence inspiring participants to seek always to take the Gospel to the core of individual and community lives and in this way to effectively reach out and disciple them.

Students will be provided with ample opportunities to personally grow and mature in different aspects of their lives and calling as pertaining to reconciliation, peacemaking, the heart of God for the diversity of people and ethnicity He created.

Some topics

  • Understand biblical reconciliation
  • Understand principles and steps to bring about reconciliation
  • The centrality of the Cross of Jesus Christ as the reference point for effective reconciliation and peace making
  • Diversity versus uniformity
  • Peace and justice from a Biblical worldview…

Seminar leader and contact info

Joseph ZintsemeJoseph with Drum

School Contact Details


April 7-May 22 at the University of the Nations/YWAM Campus in Kona, Hawaii



Category A      $US 2,490

Category B      $US 2,122

Category C      $US 1,570


Category A      $US 2,030

Category B      $US 1,754

Category C      $US 1,340

Kona Staff

$US 650

Two weeks outreach option opportunity will be available for students to choose in order to apply and experience what they have learned on reconciliation and peace-making.