Reconciliation and Peacemaking in Cali and Palenque Colombia, 2017

colombia 2017 - 2
Posing with community leaders of Palenque as they commit to make peace with the rival group of ​community and apply the principles in the post civil war
colombia 2017 - 3
Speaking reconciliation and peacemaking to community leaders in Cali, Colombia from displaced groups during the civil war
colombia 2017 - 4
With activists and community leaders of Area 14, Cali, Colombia
colombia 2017 - 5.png
​With education activists and reformers​

“Forgiving in the Throes of Racism: Prayer of Forgiveness” The Cost of My Lack of Forgiveness

By Larry Colbert – Community of Forgiveness GLOBAL

If my prayer is restricted by my secret hatred of you, will God hear me? Will He answer?

If I don’t love you, am I secretly enjoying your pain while I outwardly console your tears?

How much has my unforgiveness, the withdrawal of my compassion, cost me and the Kingdom?

When I ask for things I desire, believing in faith without doubt (Mark 11:23-24), but have not forgiven, does my prayer strike an iron heaven (v. 25)?

When I bind or loose (Matt. 18:18-35), is my authority rendered powerless because I have not forgiven?

When I pray in agreement with a brother in some righteous cause (Matt. 18:18-35), is my authority negated because I have not forgiven?

My forgiveness is blended to, and not an addendum to, each of these passages of Scripture.

Prayer of Forgiveness [A list used to forgive Caucasians for racial discrimination against American Africans.]

If you have:

Descended from slave owners Called me names Assassinated my character

Secretly rejoiced when I was in pain.

Made disparaging remarks about my work ethic.

Taken pleasure in my failures.

Attacked me physically or mentally or emotionally.

Loved me only as far as you could see me.

Harbored ill will toward me.

Refused to acknowledge my authority.

Made me wait in line when it was my turn.

Treated me as though I have less value than you.

Refused to rent or sell to me.

Refused to hire me for a job that I should have gotten.

Charged me a higher rate of interest than you did others.

Charged me a price more than you charged others.

Refused to pay me for my labor or paid me less than others for the same work.

Hated me or another American African because I or they wronged you or your loved one.

Expect the worst of me before you expect the best of me.

Right now, I forgive you, ______________________________________ (name (s) of offender (s)).

If you have received this forgiveness, tell me for what and why at Community of

Forgiveness GLOBAL:

If you are American African, will you join me in forgiving in the throes of racism? If

your answer is yes, introduce yourself and tell me why you forgave Caucasians at

Community of Forgiveness GLOBAL:

Speaking on Reconciliation at the Maungatapu Marae

After being welcomed onto the Maungatapu Marae, Joseph was asked to share with a group of elders from Tauranga Moana / Bay of Plenty. After Joseph shared part of his journey and ministry, he was asked to share specific stories from his personal experiences facilitating reconciliation among people groups around the world. The result was captivating and has led to further korero (discussions) as relationships are being forged.

joseph maungatapu

Sharing in the Pacific culture

During Week 3 of the School of Reconciliation 2016, we were privileged to experience part of the rich culture of some of the Pacific nations as our guest speaker, Brad Haami from Aotearoa New Zealand prayed a haka of blessing and received in return a beautiful Hawaiian waiata from indigenous Hwaiians.

Graduating from The School of Reconciliation 2016

Graduation! Week 6 marks the completion of the first ever School of Reconciliation and Peacemaking at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii.

In the lead up to graduation, students learned about the role and mandate of the Church and mission.

During graduation, each student shared what the school meant for them, how they were impacted and what plans they were projecting into the future as a result of what they have learned and experienced during the school.

graduation school of reconciliation